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Shun Den Iron Works
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Shun Den Iron Works Co., Ltd. supply wire products, forged and die-casting parts,

and fasteners, mainly for cargo ships, construction, machinery, and industrial purposes.

Also, it supplies screws, nuts, and other industrial parts in customized sizes

and specifications in accordance with customers’ drawings and samples.

Furthermore, it’s specialized in develop high quality tools, such as hex-key wrenches,

torx hex key wrenches, impact bits, nut setters, T handlebar, screwdriver.

Its ultimate goal is to satisfy professional users with made-in-Taiwan (MIT) hand tools.

You are welcome to contact us

by e-mail or telephone in case you have product requirements or learn more about our products.


Shun Den Iron Works

Shun Den Iron Works Co., Ltd.

ADD / 26, Chia Hsin W. Rd. Kang Shan Dist.,                    82066 Kaohsiung city, TAIWAN.

TEL / +886-7-6216851(Miss Yang)

FAX / +886-7-6223595

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