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Steel wire ropes

【Product description】

SIZE: 1-10MM
Material: stainless steel (白鐵) steel (鍍鋅)
Finish: Nickel(鍍鎳) & CHROMED PLATED (鍍鉻)-Upon to customer requests (依客人需求)
Products: Lifting safety(起重安全), wire rope sling(鋼索環索), cable railing(欄杆纜繩), rigging, transportation secure  and associated fittings (運輸安全和相關裝備)
規格: 依客人圖面/樣品/規格生產製作。


Shun Den Iron Works Co., Ltd.

ADD / 26, Chia Hsin W. Rd. Kang Shan Dist.,                    82066 Kaohsiung city, TAIWAN.

TEL / +886-7-6216851(Miss Yang)

FAX / +886-7-6223595

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