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Stainless Steel Eye Nut /

Steel Eye Bolt /

【Product description】

  1. EYE NUTS is used for vertical takeoff and landing that widely used in various engineering lifting machinery or equipment. It can also be used for railway loading and unloading ports, forest machinery, construction machinery, electrical equipment, etc.

  2. Full thread following international standards and strict quality control, that don't worry about using.

  3. Materials :
    The product manufacture with S304 stainless steel ,it is firmness and durability. The galvanized metal product protects from rust and corrosion, and we are strictly at retaining the quality of export trade. The detail specification of the product as shown above below.

Eye Nuts


Shun Den Iron Works Co., Ltd.

ADD / 26, Chia Hsin W. Rd. Kang Shan Dist.,                    82066 Kaohsiung city, TAIWAN.

TEL / +886-7-6216851(Miss Yang)

FAX / +886-7-6223595

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