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Stainless Steel Eye Bolt /

Steel Eye Bolt /

U.S. Type Eye Bolt /

【Product description】

  1. The round end of EYE BOLTS can be fixed cables for vertical lifting. IN daily life, EYE BOLTS be used to hang a lot of articles on the wall, pillar or ceiling.

  2. EYE BOLTS be used to lifting and tightening working in the industry. The range of applications is generalized, such as agriculture, automotive parts, construction engineering, even water and electricity pipeline in the construction area.

  3. Full thread following international standards and strict quality control, ISO 9001 certification. The detail specification of the product as shown above below.

Eye Bolts


Shun Den Iron Works Co., Ltd.

ADD / 26, Chia Hsin W. Rd. Kang Shan Dist.,                    82066 Kaohsiung city, TAIWAN.

TEL / +886-7-6216851(Miss Yang)

FAX / +886-7-6223595

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