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Stainless steel Shackles /

Steel Shackles /

Alloy steel Shackles /

【Product description】

  1. Shackles have a function of linking , it's generally used in electric, metallurgy, machinery, railway, chemical, port, and mining, construction.

  2. It can be used to hanging objects and being a substitute for ear plate connections. The lock with a shackle can be replaced with the bolt and the beam.

  3. Shackles are widely used for linking tools in hoist operations because of it easy to install and dismantle.

  4. According to the shape of the button body, it can be mainly divided into a D-shaped shackle and a bow shackles. You can know standards for the picture of specification on the introduction.

  5. The product is made of the304 stainless steel , it is more solid and durable. There is more detailed from the picture of the specification under the introduction.

  6. We are strict to ensure that the highest level of product quality.



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