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【Product description】

  1. SWIVELS is a pointing device that can prevent tie or breaks in ropes, suitable for hanging on swings, chairs, hammocks, hook, climbing toys, etc.

  2. Swivel is designed for where a quick swivel assembly with a hook or a quick link is expected. Widely used in heavy building lifting and marine mooring tools.

  3. The Thimbles manufacture with the 304 stainless steel that can avert rust, it is more solid and durable. The detail specification of the product as shown above below.

  4. We are strictly at retaining the quality of export trade.



Shun Den Iron Works Co., Ltd.

ADD / 26, Chia Hsin W. Rd. Kang Shan Dist.,                    82066 Kaohsiung city, TAIWAN.

TEL / +886-7-6216851(Miss Yang)

FAX / +886-7-6223595

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