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Wire Rope Clips

Wire Rope Clips

Stainless steel Wire Rope Clips /

Malleable Steel Wire Rope Clips /

Steel Wire Rope Clips /

【Product description】

  1. WIRE ROPE CLIPS was often exercisable at connection and fixing of iron rope and cable terminal for burdened a high load, for instance, support lines, cables, traction lines, cable ties, trips, etc.

  2. In daily life, WIRW ROPE CLIPS is also often used in camping tent lines, stage lighting safety ropes, clotheslines, suspensions, so much as photos and pictures or paint displays, hinges, and fixed connection loads.

  3. Materials :
    The product manufacture with S304 stainless steel, that be firmness and durability. The galvanized metal product protects from rust and corrosion, and we are strictly at retaining the quality of export trade. The detail specification of the product as shown above below.

Wire Rope Clips


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